Hello, I’m Dr. Abdulcabbar Kartal. I would like to talk about endoscopic weight loss methods. There are basically two endoscopic methods that we use. Gastric Injection and gastric balloon process.

In the gastric injection method, the injection is into the intramuscular parts of the stomach with a procedure that takes approximately 10-15 minutes. As you know,  material paralyzes muscles and nerves temporarily. By taking advantage of this paralysis, we delay the emptying of the stomach and reduce the appetite hormone. If people find it difficult to follow the diet, we use stomach injection as a helpful method. It is an extremely easy method; effects begin after 3-4 days. Since the stomach muscles are partially paralyzed for at least 4 months and at most 6 months, gastric emptying is delayed and a feeling of fullness occurs. Since the appetite is also reduced, if the patient does not eat when full, they can easily lose some of their excess weight with this method. An advantage of this method is that it is repeatable. Let’s say we did the procedure and you lost weight, but you still have a little more excess weight, we can repeat it again, we have patients that we repeat 2 or 3 times.

In the gastric balloon method, again accompanied by a gastroscope, we inflate the balloon that we place in a part of the stomach with a special liquid and we make it take up space. Since it takes up space in the stomach, a permanent feeling of fullness occurs. If you follow your diet and do not eat when you are full, you can lose weight. With this method, the weight loss is slightly more than gastric injection. You can lose 20-25% of your excess weight, or even 30% if you try too hard. There are two types of balloons. There is a type that can stay for 6 months and the other can stay 12 months. Our preference is a 12-month adjustable gastric balloon. This has two advantages. Since you follow a certain diet for a year, it is easier to change your lifestyle and eating habits. The second advantage is that it is adjustable. If the amount of liquid we put in is too much, nausea and vomiting may occur. We reduce the bloating and solve this problem. If the weight loss is insufficient, we can increase the swelling a little more and increase fullness.

Both methods are relatively inexpensive, safer than surgery but provide less weight loss and help the diet. They’re not the solution solely. Absolute dietary compliance and follow-up are required. There are no reported deaths from either method. They have very few side effects and both methods are reversible and safe. With the stomach injection method, patients can lose 15-20 kilos if they try too hard, they can lose a little bit more. The gastric balloon will lose a little more weight, about 15-25 kilos, those who push a little more can lose even 30 kilos. But of course, if diet and activity are not enough these rates will decrease a little more.

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